Marri Khokhran, a beautiful Place

This site is to highlight the culture ,history and natural beauty of the Village

About Marri Khokhran


Marri Khokhran, a beautiful village of district Gujrat, is situated on the bank of river Chenab. It is "35" km  North-East form city Gujrat, and "7" km South-West form Head Marala.                                                      

The residential are of the village, is approximately "'2" sq km. And the Cultivated land is "1000" Acar. The land covered by forest is "1000" Acar. 

The surrounding villages with Marri Khokhran are Behlolpur, Kurri Sharif, Head Marala,     Shaam Pur, Chubara,  Randeer, Shekh Choghani, Penj Dhera, Dhool Kalan, Gujj Gharan, Bhago Wall, Tnada and Bharrila Sharif.  

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People of Village:


Total population of the village, is "3964", in which "2012" are male and "1952" are female. Total teen boys and girls, are "1212" and  "1120", respectively.

  The major occupation of the people of Marri Khokhran, is Cultivation and Cattle forming. Besides this a lot of people are performing, their duties in different deportments, like Education, Police, Health, Army, forest, Air force, Irrigation, Navy and Agriculture. 

About "40" people are working in foreign countries. They are earning, valuable foreign exchange for our beloved country, Pakistan.

The people of Marri Khokhran are very hardworking, generous and hospitable. Women help their men, in agriculture. They work side by side, with men.

Most of the people of the village, are "Khokhar" by cast. But people of "Syed" and "Jutt" agnation also dwell here. The people of Marri khokhran, are educated, liberal and broad-minded. They are polite, cooperative, tireless, and painstaking.   





Schools & Collages:

There are four schools in Marri Khokhran. Two schools is private, and the rest of the schools are government. One government school is for boys and the other one for girls. The girls school has been upgraded to a high school.                                                                                                                                                                  


 U.C Office:             

Marri Khokhran has a Union Council Office. It was established in "1960", when U. C system was introduced in Pakistan. Its U. C No. is "34". It includes "10" villages. Total population of  U. C Marri Khokhran is "19400". And the total number of voters is 17000.

Imran Bashir Malik is the Nazim, and Ch. Mezher Zaman  Naib Nazim of the U. C.

Total number of general conclers, of the U. C is 11. "02" of them are Kisan conclers and "04" are lady conclers. And 01 concler represents minority.

Two general conclers belong to Marri Khokhran, they are Malik Muhammad Arshad and Malik Yousif.

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Village at a Glance:

 Marri Khokhran, is a beauty village. Every kind of natural beauty, is found here. Hursts, Relics, Jungle and River exist here. The River Chenab passes by the village. Almost 1000 Acar of land is covered by the Jungle. Hare, Pigeon, Pig, Porcupine, Jackal, Covey and Quail is fond in this Jungle.

Wheat, Rice and Millet are the major crops of the village and the area. Mustard, Linseed  and Sugarcane is cultivated here as well.

And there is a small Post Office in the village. Besides this, three Clinics, one petrol Pump and four poltry forms also present in the village. A "WAPDA Complaint Office" has also been established in the village. There is a Telephone Exchange, and Telenor company has erected its tower in the village as well. Which are providing the people with communication facilities.

 There is a basic health center of N. C. H. D. in the village. It provides the people with free Medicines and treatment. Both male and female staff is appointed here to accumulate the people medical facilities. People can avail first-aid here as well.   

A  T.V Cable operating office is also working, in the village, which keeps the people aware of Worldly matters and current affairs.

There is an ancient Rest House, of English Period in the village. English government built it during its reign . It was built for the English Officers. Its total extent is "23" Kenal. There are four rooms in the Rest House. The portion for servants is separate. When the Rest House was build, there was no facility of electricity in it, but now it has been arranged. Water pumps are erected as well.

This Rest House was build, for English Officers. Those days, they had to travel on  horses, so the journey comprised on days and weeks. And passing by the Rest House, they use to stay here. They used to bring their servants, with them, but the watchman stayed at the Rest House permanently.



After the partition of sub-continent, English appointed a care taker at the Rest House. He is doing his job till now.


 The Rest House is situated on such a lovely location, that form here we can see the beautiful scene of River Chenab and Head Marala, and on the other side we can enjoy the beautiful prospect of jungle. The Rest House is situated on 150 feet high cliff. Head Marala Road passes beneath the cliff. And on the other side of the Rest House there comes the Tanda Road.  


Regular day time van and bus services run towards Mirala, Tanda, Sialkot and Gujrat.


Ch. Wajahat Hussain, (M.N.A) has established his form house here in Marri Khokhran. It is a very Pretty and personable form house, situated on a beautiful location. Ch. Wajahat Hussain, often comes here and solves the problems of people by conducting public hearing. He also arrange accumulative marriages here. He joins the people of the area in their grief and happiness as well.


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