Marri Khokhran, a beautiful Place

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                        Notabilities of the Village

Muhammad Sharif Malik is a renown personality, of the village and the area. He is a teacher by avocation. He was born on 10/11/1949, at Marri Khokhran.  He did his Mertic in 1966, F.S.C in 1968 and B.A in 1970.  He then completed his Masters in Political Science in 1975. After that he completed his C. T and B. Ed. In 1974, he did his D.B.I from Oxford Medical Collage Lahore, and got the degree of Biochemic Doctor. After having completed his D.B.I, he started practice in the village. He got the membership of "The All Pakistan Biochemic Society" as well.

He started his teaching career on 01/10/72 form Govt. Barkat Ali Memorail High School Shaam Pur, Gujrat.

 In 2004, Faran Institute Of Technology Gujrat, awarded him an Apprication Certificate, in the avowal of his services in Education Depatmnat. He is a non political personality, but participates in social service activities and religious gatherings.   

He has been serving the nation, for the last "36" yrars in Education profession. He is a generous, benign,  duteous, kind, polite and sincere man. Afte having served the Nation in Education departmant, he got his retirement on 9th November 2009.  Now a days, he is running his own business.                                                                          




Muhammad Manzoor Malik is one of the famous, person of the area. He is a retired Army officer.He joined the Army, after completing his Metric. He did his Graduation during the army service. He joined the Army as a constable. After having   serverd the nation for  "34" years as an Army officer, he retired as Laftinant in 1997. He is the Ex Chairman of Zaqat Qumetti as well.




Muhammad Bashir Malik is a reputed a Inspector, of the area. He joined the Police force in ____ , as a constable and climbed to Sub-Inspector. Now a days he working as a Sub-Inspector in Islamabad Police. He is a God fearing, generous and a religious person. He participates in the social work of the area as well. 








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